Diesel And Jimmy

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Bringing Diesel and Jimmy back in for more work, the plan was for them to do anal. Of course, I gave Diesel shit, because I wanted to see him take a dick. However, the plan was that Jimmy has been moving along in doing shoots here on Broke Straight Boys very well, and he was going to try anal for the first time. He’s bi-curious and has been exploring what he likes, and I had to warn Jimmy about the size of Diesel’s cock. I found out that Jimmy spends his money from the shoots on paying bills, and Diesel spends his on having a good time. Both were fine with the amounts they were going to be making for doing the shoot. Getting started without really wasting any more time I had the guys remove their shirts. We talked about their height, because Diesel has a good difference to Jimmy. Going for their pants we discovered that Jimmy had on a jock strap, and I had him show it off for us. While Diesel had on a pair of grey boxer briefs. I asked what kind of porn they wanted to have on, and Jimmy spoke up by saying bi-porn. (MORE)

I asked the guys to work on getting hard, and then I was going to have them do some oral. Both guys pulled their dicks out to jerk off, and after a few minutes I asked Diesel to go first in sucking Jimmy’s dick. Grabbing it with two fingers he lowered his mouth right down to it and started sucking, concentrating on the top portion of it. He didn’t really do anything special, however he wasn’t doing a horrible job either. I asked Jimmy if he thought that Diesel was straight, and his response was yes. Diesel fits right in the category of “gay-for-pay”and only messes around with guys on camera. Then, it was time for oral to switch, and Jimmy got to suck on the monster dick. He seemed to be in heaven when that dick hit his mouth, and he got to service it. As Jimmy gave head, I asked Diesel if he thought he was bi-curious and he just replied with a, “yeah”. With Diesel’s cock as big as it was, I asked Jimmy to try and take in as much as he could, but the cock was so thick that he still could only go down so far. It seemed after a while that Jimmy was tired of giving oral, and that they were ready to start anal. (MORE)

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