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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

It took me some a couple of tries to get both Diesel and Chasen’s schedules to match in order to get them in the studio at the same time. My biggest reasons why I wanted them together was that they both were really tall, had HUGE dicks, and both have opened up each time they do shoots here at Broke Straight Boys. I knew that each of them had a girlfriend, and that in the real world lived a straight life, however when in the studio they will participate in gay sex to make the money. Plus, not wanting to announce it to the world I think they enjoy doing it as well. I brought up the fact that Diesel has mostly topped, but has also bottomed now as well. He said that it wasn’t bad, but kept an open-mind with doing it. When it comes to Chasen it is hard for me to find straight, curious, or bi guys that can take his monster cock. That means that I mostly have used him to bottom to do anal and he says that he doesn’t mind. Of course, it peaks my interest in finding out just how far I can get him to go. To get things started I explained that I wanted to see them do oral and hand jobs, in return I would give them $600 for the shoot. (MORE)

To start comparing the guys I asked Diesel what size shoe he had and he responded by saying a 14, which happens to be the same size as Chasen. Next, I had the guys stand up for me back to back, which clearly showed Chasen was taller by about 5 inches. The guys removed their shirts and I saw that Chasen had a new tattoo since the last time I saw him. On his lower ab, upper pelvic area he had a set of lip prints. His reason for getting the tattoo was that he always wanted one. As for Diesel, he had a tattoo going down his side. The guys took off their pants and shorts, leaving them in their underwear. Taking a seat on the couch I had them work on getting hard, while I got some porn on for them to watch. I asked what they wanted to see, gay, bi, straight, or tranny, and Diesel said whatever I had in the player. I had new straight porn that I had just got a couple of days prior. Not really knowing how far along they were I told them to just take down their underwear when they were ready. Chasen seemed to be a little further along than Diesel, so that seemed to decide who was going to be giving oral first. (MORE)

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