Diesal, Kevin, And Dylan

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

This time around Dylan wanted to experience a 3some for the first time ever! As you remember, Dylan is a member and a fan of the site and he wanted to pay the models to have sex with him and he’s a virgin. This time he chose Kevin again and he wanted to meet and do it with Diesel. Dylan offered Kevin and Diesel $500 each to fuck him silly and I matched what Dylan was offering the boys giving them each $1000. Each boy agreed and they made Dylan suck there cocks at first, Dylan really loves sucking cock and he was a bit taken back and amazed of the size of Diesels large cock. Dylan knew at that point he was going to be challenged with Diesels big cock and had a bit of concerned about having that enormous cock in his tight virgin ass. The boys out of instinct knew to have Kevin fuck Dylan first to get him ready for Diesel. The boys open the futon and get ready to take advantage of Dylan’s ass. First up is Kevin, watch as Kevin places on his lubed condom and slowly inserts his cock into Dylan’s ass, although this is Dylan’s 2nd time getting fucked, he was still very tight ass but thanks to Kevin’s skillful fucking techniques he took it slow at first then started to fuck Dylan really hard. In the meantime, Dylan was sucking on Diesels cock getting it ready so it’s nice and hard so Diesel can fuck Dylan. After Kevin was finished, Diesel wanted to take a turn and with no mercy, fucked Dylan really hard changing him in different positions and taking advantage of his virgin tight ASS. Dylan wanted to be fucked hard, and he certainly got what he asked for. This is a really hot scene that shouldn’t be missed!

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