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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Cory has starred on Broke Straight Boys before doing shoots, and that’s because he works for us doing the makeup for Usually I try to watch how many gay boys I bring in to work on BSB, but since he does such a great job for us I wanted to give him a reward. Recently, Cory had expressed that he really wanted to do a scene with CJ, because he was a huge fan of his work. So, what I told him I would do was call CJ up and see if he wanted to come in for a shoot, and in the mean time he was just going to hang out. Cory didn’t mind he had some stuff that he could do, so I went in the other room and called CJ. When I was on the phone with CJ there was no way that he was going to pass up a shoot and the money that he could make, so he said that he would be right down. It took him like 45 minutes to get ready and over to the studio, and when he arrived I first went in the room to tell Cory. When I told him the good news he was excited, and I had CJ come into the room. When I explained the situation to CJ and that he would make his typical $1200 for doing the scene, CJ said that it would include everything that they usually do. (MORE)

To get things going, I had the guys stand up and take off their shirts, to start to get undressed. Right away, I caught that CJ had a bright red sunburn that looked like it hurt covering his chest, and he said that he fell asleep while he was tanning. I had him pull down his shorts a little bit to show us his tan lines and the difference in his color tone. Not stopping there though, the guys took off their shorts, and also their underwear getting them completely naked right off the bat. I brought up the fact that Cory looked like he had spent some time out in the sun getting a tan too, and I told him that he should be spending more of his time working instead. Already pulling on their dicks to get hard, Cory did the no, no in putting lube on his dick before the oral. So, I had him start with giving CJ oral to get him hard, no one had any issues with that, so they got right to it. Cory sucked on the straight boys cock like a pro, getting him hard and horny. CJ had to look at the porn playing in the background, but not as much as usual. After a while I had them switch, but before CJ gave head, I had Cory wipe off his dick. (MORE)

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