Cj And Damien

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Bringing CJ and Damien back into the studio I asked what they were spending their money on and one said it went towards rent. The rest they just do whatever with. The two of them already knew that they were going to be doing more fucking with the idea that I wanted something a little more intense than just the first time they fucked. To get undressed I had them stand for me and the pieces of clothes started to hit the floor. One by one until both boys were left there standing completely naked. I had Damien spin around for me to show this ass to the camera. He had a little bubble butt going on, but he wasn’t going to bend over for me. Taking a seat on the couch the two of them started talking about who was going to suck who first. CJ started being mumbles again when I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Damien was going to suck on CJ, he leaned over got his mouth to work giving the blow job. CJ even leaned over to jerk Damien’s dick to keep him hard throughout the oral. I noticed that Damien had a necklace on that kept getting in the way, so I asked him to take it off. He had some trouble getting the latch on the chain undone. (MORE)

Resuming the blow job Damien had his work cut out getting CJ’s dick to grow, and after only a couple minutes he gave up. Sitting up Damien was ready to switch and so CJ leaned right over to suck cock. As he got started Damien was joking around about CJ’s blow job, and that’s when I signaled him to push down on CJ’s head. Sure enough he tried, but CJ stopped to tell him to knock it off. Continuing with the blow job Damien was very sensitive and when his dick was rock hard it was time for them to fuck. The guys got ready with CJ getting his ass lubed up, and Damien putting the condom on. Getting on the bed they started in the doggy-style position and Damien pounded his hips against CJ’s ass. CJ was moaning a little more than he usually does, and Damien slapped him on the ass a couple of times. The guys were good about flipping over when they were ready and CJ just laid there pumping his cock occasionally until he felt like he could cum. Damien just slid his big dick in and out of CJ’s hole at a steady pace so that way he could make CJ comfortable with the speed. Once in a while I would see CJ reach his hand back to slow down Damien. (MORE)

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