Braden, Peter, And Ashton

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Due to some construction at the studio, today’s scene is being shot at a hotel, featuring Ashton, Braden and Peter. Even though Ashton has appeared on Broke Straight Boys previously, this is actually the first scene he ever shot with us, Ashton has, however, previously appeared on College Boy Physicals. He says he is bi but is happy to be ‘gay for pay’ while Braden and Peter are still straight but could also now be considered ‘gay for pay’. The three boys were obviously in a chatty mood, joking around with each other which added a quirky atmosphere to the shoot. I asked who was going to top and who was going to bottom, Braden quickly nominating himself to top, Peter to bottom and Ashton to do both. With Ashton and Braden getting $1000 each and Peter getting $1500, I got the boys to strip off to their underwear and hop back onto the bed. (MORE)

They watched the porn that was playing, Peter and Braden both hard in only a minute or two while Ashton looked like he was going to take a little bit longer. I got them to remove their underwear and for Braden to suck on Ashton’s cock to help him along. Ashton said he wasn’t too sure about another guy sucking on his cock but I don’t think he minded as much as he made out. After a few minutes, Peter took over from Braden, sucking on the head of Ashton’s hard dick while Braden continued to stroke himself. A request for both Peter and Braden to suck on Ashton’s cock led to a discussion on how they could even do that, Braden sucking again for a moment before suggesting the infamous BSB. Ashton had definitely sucked a few cocks in his time and was doing a great job on Braden, Peter also working hard. Ashton couldn’t help but comment on how big Braden’s dick was, saying that it was a ‘monster!’ The boys decided to go the other way, Braden sucking on Ashton and Ashton going down on Peter who had softened while sucking on Ashton. After only a few minutes, Braden was ready to skip to the fucking. (MORE)

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