Broke Straight Boys – Braden And Shane

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

In our studio today, we have Braden, our ‘gay for pay’ boy and Shane, our resident porn professional. They are here to do an anal scene, with Braden topping and Shane being the one to bottom. Even though Shane isn’t keen on bottoming, he’s gracious enough to do it for Broke Straight Boys. Braden and Shane were comfortable with each other right from the start, having appeared together previously in an oral scene, which will be put up on BSB after this scene. After much discussion and joking around, Shane decided that because he was the one bottoming and since Braden’s dick is so big, he needed at least $1700 while Braden would be getting the usual rate of $1000 to top. (MORE)

Both boys stripped off and sat back on the futon, dicks in hand and stroking themselves to get hard while they watched the straight porn playing. The good with Shane and Braden is that neither of them take long to get rock hard, both erect almost instantly. Shane was the first one down on his knees, cock deep in his mouth, and pulling out all the tricks on Braden. Shane was obviously a complete pro at giving head as Braden, normally pretty quiet when receiving head, was moaning loudly until it was clear he was close to cumming so Shane pulled off and knelt on the futon, telling Braden to suck on his dick. Taking the cock into his straight boy mouth, Braden worked hard on Shane’s dick, even as he pulled on his own cock. (MORE)

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