Braden And Brian

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

As promised from there oral scene…I had asked the boys if they wanted to come back to make more money. I offered them $1500 to bottom and $1000 to top but without hesitation…Braden said he will be top and Brain had no choice but to be bottom..Oh! well…I guess Brian will be making $1500. We started off with some foreplay and poor Braden was nervous as heck doing his first anal scene ever. I asked him if he ever fucked a girl in the ass and he never had any success due to the fact his dick was just to big…well that didn’t sit too pretty with Brian and he too started getting nervous since it was his 3rd time getting fucked in the ass in years so this was going to be interesting. To get them relaxed, I had them do something they already have done which was to start them off doing oral once again. Once Braden got really hard, I told the boys to open the futon and get ready for fucking.  (MORE)

While Braden was placing on his condom, Brian was lubing up his ass. Just like a straight boy…no emotion, he grabs Brian’s ass and wants to shove his huge cock into Brian’s tight whole…but Brian needed to go slow at first and guide his ass onto Braden’s cock. Once Braden’s cock was situated and ready to go, Braden really knows how to fuck. I love his hip action as he pumps his hard cock into Brian’s hole. He goes slowly at first then speeds up as the motion of the cock goes in and out in a nice rythm pace…then Braden slows down and gives Brian a few deep penetrations into his hole then turning him over and fucking him again. Watch this action when our straight stud boy fucks him good. Although he’s not gay, fucking a guy is weird for him…but he fucks Brian like a champ….as Braden continues to pump his hard cock…he can’t hold back any longer and rips off the condom and cums onto Brians leg and cock. I guess that triggered Brian and before long…Brian shots his nut juice planting a pool of cum onto his stomach. Its nice to see young action when a straightboy comes to our studio and we go slow with him at first and then we mold him to become a hot stud…lets see if we can get more action out of Braden in future BSB episodes. (MORE)

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