Austin, Michael, And Mike

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

I brought Austin, Mike, and Michael in for a shoot that I had planned to do anal. However, when they showed up to do the shoot, they changed their minds and no one really wanted to bottom. Mike in the middle of the couch had already tried bottoming twice, and he wasn’t up for a dick in his ass again. I told all the guys that they wouldn’t walk away with as much money as we talked about for just doing oral. What I would do though is pay them $800 a piece to give me a great shoot with lots of oral. Everyone was down for that plan, and so Mike was our gay boy in the middle. Michael sitting next to him started here on Broke Straight Boys being straight and opened up to being curious. With as many shoots as he has done that curiosity changed more to being bi-sexual, and he even was comfortable admitting that. Going over to Austin on the other end of the couch, he was more bi-curious in the beginning, and now he leans more towards having guy/guy experiences. He said that guys typically know how to do things better, but Michael argued that it just depends upon the person. With all the sexuality on the table, it was time to get the guys started. (MORE)

Getting to their feet the guys removed their shirts, and went right for their shorts or jeans next. Stripping out of their underwear as they took a seat on the couch Austin and Mike both had cocks that were already semi-hard, and Michael was the only one that really had to catch up. I had both Mike and Austin stand back up, just so that we could compare their sizes to one another. It was a little surprising that they dicks were the same size when looking at their body types. The guys returned and I had Mike start by sucking on Michael’s dick. Austin reached over and jerked Mike off to keep him hard, and after a while they all three really started to interact with one another more to keep things interesting. They did the famous, Broke Straight Boys wave in both directions and took turns showing one another how dick sucking can be done. For a change of pace I had them change the couch into a bed to give more room to spread out. (MORE)

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