Ashton And Jake

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today, at Broke Straight Boys, we have Ashton and Jake. They have appeared together previously in their hot oral scene, and today, it’s time for them to take it to the next level. I’m really hoping that Jake will be the one to bottom today for the first time as Ashton has taken one for the team already on BSB. However, as the boys had already talked about what was going to happen before the scene, it was Ashton who was going to be the bottom boy and Jake who was going to be topping. We worked out a price of $1300 for Ashton and $1000 for Jake, although, when I mentioned he would get $1500 for bottoming his first time, Jake definitely looked interested. (MORE)

Surprisingly, both boys had bought along their own lap tops, personal porn already loaded up and ready to play. Jake was the first one to start stripping off, Ashton soon following. The guys were getting along well, both more relaxed than their previous shoot, their joking around lending a fun atmosphere to the shoot. By the time Ashton was sitting back down on the futon, and working on getting hard, Jake was already hard as a rock. Obviously, his personal choice of porn doing the trick without a problem. Ashton was also well on the way to being hard, however, I got Jake to start sucking him off to give him a helping hand. Right away, Jake swallowed down the stiff dick, alternately deep throating and sucking on just the head. From how well Jake was sucking on Ashton’s dick, I suspect Jake has been practising away from the studio. (MORE)

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