Brayden Shows Off

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Brayden is brand new to BSB. He’s a nice guy, quiet and calm. He is a self-proclaimed country boy from the great state of Montana. He’s also broke. When he’s not fixing cars or hitting the town with friends, he’s listening to country music. This guys like to have a good time and enjoys finding fun ways to blow off some steam.

“How often do you jerk off?” the cameraman asked  as Brayden gets undressed.

“Everyday.” Brayden replies.

Brayden admits to being a little nervous as he plays with his fat cock for the camera.  Once the blood gets pumping he’s not so camera shy. He quickly lubes up, kneels on the bed and starts jacking his thick cock.  For a guy who claimed to be so nervous, he certainly forgot about the cameras relatively quickly. As far as Brayden is concerned, he’s in his room back in Montana jerking off after a hot shower.

Once he hits a nice rhythm, he lays flat on his stomach and strokes his dick from an angle, putting some pressure on the shaft and the head. You can’t help but notice his furry bubble butt especially when he spreads his cheeks revealing that tight pink hole. He takes a minute to tease it, fingering himself and moaning. It’s almost as if he wishes someone else would walk in and find him.

Brayden lubes his cock up once more for the final round. Lying back in a comfortable position he rubs his balls, and strokes slow.  After quite a bit of squeezing, jacking, stroking and teasing he lets out a deep moan and blasts a huge load all over himself.

“You feeling a lot better?” the cameraman asks.

“Oh yeah, that was awesome.” Brayden replies.


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  1. Eric Eric says:

    She kinda looks like a girl. That’s not a good thing. LOL

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