Ayden Troy & Brayden Brax

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Remember our handsome country boy from Montana, Brayden? Well he has returned to BSB and this time with veteran Ayden in tow. Since Brayden is the newbie and he has such a sweet little ass, it is decided that today Brayden is definitely getting fucked.

With very little room for small talk our guys quickly disrobe and begin stroking their dicks on the bed. Brayden seems to be having the worst luck today. He lost the coin toss earlier so he has to suck dick first. He dives in lips first, sucking Ayden’s big dick from head to base. Apparently it looks as feels as it looks because Ayden has absolutely no suggestions or complaints.

After a few more minutes of wet head Ayden decides to show this newbie how a professional does it. Paying special attention to Brayden’s huge head, he swallows his thick cock with ease. Brayden watches in awe and ecstasy. Soon Ayden readies his cock for Brayden’s hole. Brayden straddles him and slowly Ayden’s dick eases inside Brayden’s tight wet hole. Within a few seconds Brayden begins bouncing up and down on Ayden’s meat.

After a bit Brayden gets on his stomach and Ayden mounts him. Ayden fucks balls deep and Brayden moans with pleasure. He holds on to the bed as his perky ass is filled with dick.

Brayden gets on his back, and Ayden returns. The newly discovered bottom begins to stroke his dick. With no warning, Brayden shoots a huge load all over his stomach.

Ayden pulls out and jacks his cock. After a few smooth strokes he shoots a thick load that covers Brayden’s pubes.

“It was different. Very different,” Brayden says when asked how it felt to be fucked.

“He has a tight ass,” Ayden offers.


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    Ayden Troy guy is cute

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