Ayden Fucks Skyler

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Ayden and Skyler, no strangers to the BSB cameras are back for more good times. Our buddy Ayden is pretty bummed. His driver’s license was suspended. Meanwhile, Skyler just bought himself a brand new ride. Ayden is in need of something warm and tight to cheer him up and it looks like a hesitant Skyler is almost ready to give up the goods.

Our bros quickly drop trou and commence with the fun. Ayden warms Skyler up with some nice wet head, a skill he’s recently mastered. Within moments, Skyler’s cock is rock hard. The boys switch sides and Skyler dives onto Ayden for some deep slow dick sucking. Skyler is very thorough, making sure he sucks from shaft to base. Needless to say Ayden and his wet, throbbing dick appreciate the special attention.

“You like that dick, huh?” Ayden asks while stroking Skyler’s dick.

Before he gets sucked senseless, Ayden quickly prepares to slide into Skyler’s tight little hole. He quickly rolls on a condom and slathers his cock with lube, in preparation for his deep plunge. Skyler’s hairy little hole takes the first few strokes in stride.  Soon, Ayden takes charge of Skyler’s ass doggie style with nice long deep strokes then he speeds up as the hole conforms to his big dick.

“Fuck yeah, you have a big dick” Skyler murmurs in between the pounding.

As he fucks Skyler harder and harder, Ayden is rendered almost speechless and can only manage to release a few deep groans in between thrusts. He grabs Skyler by the waist to make sure his dick is getting as deep as possible. Before he loses his load, he wants Skyler to ride him. Skyler eases himself onto Ayden’s dick and bounces his ass on the dick, his fat cock flapping in the air as he rides.

“Fuck yeah, fuck that tight ass” Skyler commands.

“How much do you love that dick? How much?” Ayden asks as Skyler rides mercilessly.

“Oh big dick, I love it” Skyler replies.

In a flash, Skyler is on his back, legs in the air and Ayden is fucking him missionary. Skyler jacks his dick and blasts a huge load as Ayden wears into his hole deeper. As Ayden nears his peak he snatches the condom off and shoots his load onto Skyler’s chest and cock.

“How was it Skyler?” Cameraman asks.

“Rough.”  Skyler replies.

Damn straight.


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  1. Xtian Xtian says:

    jerked myself off while reading and looking at the photos. haha.

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