Ayden and Ian

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Back so soon! Our boy Ian has returned for another BSB session. This time he’s in the capable hands of BSB veteran Ayden.  They lounge shirtless on the bed. Ayden shares his current hardships and recounts his first experience with sucking dick.

Not pleasurable in any way,” Ian describes. “It feels like you’re getting choked out, and that’s pretty much it. Dick in your mouth.”

Poor Ian is anxious and doesn’t really know what to expect.

They strip down and hop back on the bed. Ian is semi erect so Ayden gets right to sucking his dick. He’s slow and intentional, licking the shaft and sucking the head softly. Ayden described sucking dick as “not pleasurable in any way” but this time he looks like he might be enjoying it. He explores Ian’s body, licking his stomach, nipples and pits. Ayden is on fire! He really shows Ian how a master does it.

Ian dives into the deep end and swallows Ayden’s cock like a pro. His technique is great; Ian is a natural cocksucker. He slurps, licks, sucks and even takes it deep. Ayden gives his thumbs up.
“Oh, shit,” Ayden moans.

Ayden stands up and Ian gets on his knees. Occasionally looking up to see Ayden’s face, Ian is confident that he’s doing a good job. As he sucks Ayden, Ian jacks his own dick. He kisses Ayden’s shaft and balls. Soon he releases and intense load on the black sheets.

“Spit on it,” Ayden demands.

Ayden starts to jerk his dick in front of Ian, who keeps his mouth
open. Ayden’s load lands on Ian’s nose. All is well that ends with two good nuts.


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