Adam Baer and Kodi

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Kodi is many things, but he’s never given off the brawler vibe. That’s why it’s easy to feel a little sorry for him at the start of this video with Adam Baer. Kodi is working real hard to wrestle Adam, but not much is working. Adam doesn’t even break a sweat pinning his scene partner. However, to be fair, it looks like Kodi actually is happy he “lost.” LOL! With the vanquished foe on his stomach. Adam rubs Kodi’s balls through the boxers. “You like grabbing those balls, don’t you,” Kodi asks. “Shut your mouth,” Adam replies. Kodi’s boxers are removed and Adam spits in the exposed hole. The “loser” even spreads his cheeks so all of the spit can slide where it needs to be.

WATCH Kodi take it up the ass

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  1. Avatar Kevan says:

    These captions are so funny and adorable and these boys are so hot! Just look at that bottom’s face while he’s being fucked. Ugh makes me miss fucking even more

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