Broke College Boys – Spa Circle Jerk

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I found Danny and Chris hanging out in the hot tub. I thought they were both overdressed for the hot tub, but they waited for me to offer them money to strip down and get naked in the tub. As I look up Blake and Caleb show up. I talk them into getting naked for us for $100.00. Soon we have a hot tub full of naked boys and what a great site it truly is. With all that meat just hanging out there, I had to see if I could get them to do something with it. I offer them all a hundred and fifty dollars to jack off. After they agree and begin to jerk on their cocks a few more boys arrive at our hot tub party. Jaydin, Caiden, and Rusty jump into the hot tub.

They soon found a sex toy in the pool and we played around with the purple monster a bit before I let them know that I was interested in the jacking off, but if they did anything else that was ok as well. It didn’t take them long to get into the mood and Danny hops on to Chris’s cock sucking on it until he is rock hard, then he moves down the line to work on Rusty’s hard dick. Everyone takes this cue and it isn’t long until all these guys were sucking or being sucked on. As I turn around I see that Rusty has begun to shove the purple monster into Chris’s tight ass. Chris continues to play with the purple eel and stuffs it farther into his ass. As I move around again I see that Rusty is sucking on Danny’s hard dick. Caleb is being sucked on by Blake and Jaydin is sucking Caiden’s cock.

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