Broke College Boys – Justin And Danny

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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I walked in on a wild conversation about a guy that died in Mexico from being fucked by a donkey. It seems the donkey slipped and fell on him, but we all agreed that we didn’t feel sorry for him. I found out that Danny is a go-go dancer, and his wife is ok with it. Justin is on a layover and stopped by to see us. They both need money so you know where this is leading. I offered them $600.00 each to fool around with each other. They laughed at me and came back with an offer of nine-hundred dollars. I agreed, it’s a lot, but I want to see these guys fucking. I offered an extra hundred if Danny bottoms for the first time. They agreed and I let them get started.

It starts out slowly with them both fondling each other, then Justin begins to get serious and grabs Danny’s cock and sucks that dick into his mouth making Danny moan with pleasure and grab Justin’s hair. You can tell that Justin isn’t afraid to gobble a hard dick and he has some serious cock sucking techniques that we could all learn from. He pops that dick in and out fast making Danny yelp. Then it is Justin’s turn to have his cock sucked, and as Danny takes that cock into his mouth he jerks on his own hard dick. Justin is starting to moan and groan as Danny sucks on his hard cock. These boys are now both rock hard and Justin is ready to lay open Danny’s sweet tight ass for the first time.

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