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Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. Sit back and get ready to see one of the kinkiest updates to Broke College Boys that we have had. Today I had Jason and Rusty with me in the bedroom and they both are short on cash as is normal around this house. During my interview with the guys I found out that Jason almost got bit by a rattlesnake during his run today. He says he jumped a mile when he saw that rattlesnake. I pointed out where the hospital was just in case it happens again. Rusty states he is still unemployed and trying to find money for his tuition. He is studying psychology and there is definitely tons of extra credit for work on these guys. Then Jason found a pair of handcuffs and I had to find out where or what he was doing for that. He mentions some cute guys that he had in here earlier.

Jason quickly snaps one on Rusty and I suggest that Jason handcuff Rusty up and make sure that he doesn’t break any rules. Rusty has fears of being tied up and I told him it was time to face his fears and get over them. I offered them five hundred dollars each for Jason to have his way with Rusty. Then Jason stated he’d do it for one grand. It took Rusty a bit of time, but he decided to face his fears and do it. I told Jason to enjoy him and away they went. Jason had a lot of fun with this he teased Rusty over and over again pinning him down and licking his cock and fondling it until it was rock hard. He had him out of his pants in no time. He left his undies and shoes on for the moment and teased Rusty’s pierced dick with his tongue and hand.

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