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Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. Today the guys are hanging out playing cards and I thought I’d slip in and say hi. Aaron isn’t a stranger to us, but Jayden is. Jayden is eighteen and just starting college out here by us. He has been friends with Aaron for about 3-4 years. He is going to study law and wants to be a criminal lawyer. He states he likes it bad. Jayden tells us he is bi and does it with a smug look on his face with a big smile and a raised eyebrow. As Jayden tells us some sex stories Aaron lies back and looks like he is bored, but I know that he is seething down below. Aaron is a wild child with a sizzling sexuality.

Aaron tells us he is still single and that he has taken the summer off to relax and prepare for the new school year. Aaron tells us he went to a nude beach, but he didn’t have to hide any wood in the sand. They both need money for college, Aaron isn’t getting any scholarships he has a ton of loans. Jayden isn’t working and he is short on his tuition. Aaron didn’t tell Jayden what I do, so he set Jayden up for this. Then I proceeded to tell Jayden what I like to do and offered him $200.00 to blow Aaron. He tells me won’t even pay for a full book and I offer him $300.00 and then he replies how about four-fifty and I counter with $400.00. They both agree to the four hundred dollars to blow each other. It was great watching Jayden reach for Aarons pants, he looked like he was unwrapping a present and wasn’t sure what he would find inside. When he did find his flesh present he began to suck it without even taking Aarons pants off. Aaron of course leans back puts his head on Jayden’s head and smiles as Jayden sucks his dick.

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