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Mark is a buddy of mine who is into kink. He tells me a lot of stories about what he does in bed and I have mentioned that I want to try something new. One of his favorite things is electro-shock and he offered to expose me to it for the very first time. I grabbed my camera as Mark was stripping down to his underwear. His cock started growing immediately as I rubbed it through his briefs.
After he was hard, I clipped the electro machine to the underside of his cock. Mark started to pre-cum as I was stimulating him with the current. Before then, I had never seen a guy pre-cum that much. This was all such a major turn on for me that not only was Mark’s cock hard, my own cock was throbbing harder than it ever has.

I left the current hooked up to Mark’s cock and jerked him off at the same time. He was really into all and being very vocal about it, which turned me on even more. Mark stayed hooked up with the current flowing the entire time. We alternated between me giving him a hand job and him jerking himself off. While I wanted my hand to be the hand that made Mark cum, he jerked himself off. I don’t know if it was the electrical current or him being super turned on, but Mark blew one of the largest loads of cum I have seen in a long time. I am adding electro-shock to the list of things to do in bed. That was fun!

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