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Kiko is a hot Latino boy that works at the car wash down the street from my house. Even though it doesn’t always need it, I get my car washed every week so that I can stare at Kiko. His job is to hand towel the cars and when I watch him do it, I either fantasize about him wiping me down or I get lost in watching his body move and flex. Kiko is straight and makes minimum wage. He likes to go out a lot and is always short on cash. He was bitching to me one day about how low he was on cash when I offered him a deal. I offered him a Benjamin to jerk him off and film it. He was really put off by this at first but then realized how much $100 would do for him.

I brought him back to my house after his shift. His rules were simple; I was allowed to jerk his cock but could not do anything else to him. I happily accepted the ground rules as I had wanted to see more of Kiko for over a year and now was my chance.  He jumped into the bed with his clothes still on. I imagine that Kiko wanted to pretend I was a girl because he didn’t open his eyes. I did not think anything more of it and started lifting his shirt. In the summer he works without his shirt on, but this was the first time I was able to touch him. After rubbing his stomach and chest for a minute I reached into his jeans and went for the goods. I felt his thick cock and knew that I was in for a threat. I played with his body a little more and could no longer resist: I had to get that cock out of his pants. (MORE)

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