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My now ex-boyfriend Felix was sound asleep in our bed when I decided to have a little bit of fun with him and the video camera. He looked so peaceful sleeping there so I went up to him and started gently running my fingers over his upper body. Felix started to stir awake and rolled over so that I could get access to the front of him. It was then that I discovered that he was already semi-hard in his tight white briefs. I started rubbing him through his underwear and in no time he was pulling them down to expose the beautiful cock that I had fallen in love with.

I had planned on only giving him a handjob but I ended up blowing him, too. It was always impossible for me to not wrap my lips around his cock every chance I had. Felix always loved my handjobs and I was always able to get him off without him touching his own dick and so I went at it, giving him one of those morning handjobs he always loved most. It didn’t take long for Felix to cum on my hand, but I didn’t stop jerking him off until I got to play with it a little more.

This video was never supposed to go anywhere but my computer, but hey, we had a nasty split, so here we go! Paybacks are a bitch. I hope you enjoy.

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