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Dusty has been a friend of mine for awhile and he recently introduced me to his buddy Morgan. Dusty knows how I roll and was not surprised when I asked if I could get out my video camera. Morgan, on the other hand, was a little taken aback and thought he were messing with him but it didn’t take him long to realize that Dusty and I were being serious. I made the new boy go first and told Morgan to take his shirt off. He is smooth, which is a total turn on for me. I then told him to take off his shorts, which revealed his semi-hard cock through his briefs. Dusty started rubbing Morgan through his underwear and Morgan was enjoying the attention.

Dusty helped Morgan take off his underwear and I was blown away by the size of Morgan’s balls. If his balls aren’t the biggest I’ve seen, then they sure as hell have to be a close second! Dusty started going down on Morgan’s cock, which Morgan was enjoying. After sucking him for a bit, Dusty switched to giving Morgan a hand job. He then mixed it up by massaging Morgan’s balls. After awhile of jerking by Dusty, we quickly learn why Morgan has such huge balls as he stores an amazing amount of cum in them. Not only does he have the biggest balls I’ve seen, he also delivers one of the biggest cum shots I’ve seen. Not only did Morgan shoot four big squirts onto his chest, he also squirted a ton of cum all over his stomach. I wonder if I can get these boys back and get them to do more with each other. Only time will tell!

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