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I feel naughty for even having to tell this story, but I was visiting a family member in the E.R. when I saw a super hot straight boy in one of the exam rooms. I had my camera tucked away in my bag and decided to have a little bit of fun. How could I resist? He was lying on the gurney in nothing but white boxer briefs, a wife beater and his shoes. He was feeling great from the meds they gave him, but he was fully aware of what I was doing and judging by how quickly he got hard, was very much into it.

I started out rubbing Mario’s body and getting him hard through his boxer briefs. I wanted to see more of that great chest and stomach of his, so I pulled the wife beater back over his head. Mario may have been in a lot of pain and couldn’t move too much, but nothing stopped that big thick cock of his moving around. Let’s just say that I was pleasantly pleased when I got to take that big cock into my hand.

Although Mario was enjoying what I was doing and wasn’t going to go anywhere, I decided to continue my naughtiness and tie him to the gurney. Once I had him tied down, I started to give him a handjob he will never forget. It did not take much longer until Mario could not hold out anymore and he shot a big wad of cum that hit his pubes and ran down his cock and onto my hand. That boy delivered a hot and thick load for me.

The E.R. handjob is something I will never forget. In case you are wondering, my family member ended up being fine and as you can see, Mario was, too!

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