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Rex is one of the cutest guys I know. I love how his brown hair falls into his face when he is laughing, or really relaxed. It is a real turn on. He has a cute body that really begs you to touch and fondle it. I get to do that a lot, because Rex comes by when he is horny and we play around. Until today I haven’t caught him on camera. I figured it was time and I asked him if that would be ok! At first he didn’t like the idea, but after talking to him for awhile I had him convinced it would be ok. He said he wanted to take a nap first, and I agreed, but I had anterior motives in my mind. As soon as he fell asleep I went and got my camera and set it up.

As soon as I knew he was out, I began to touch and feel his soft warm body. He didn’t show signs of waking up with my initial touches, so I continued to stroke his body and work my way down to his cock. I moved the comforter and got into his white undies from the top and the side. He still didn’t show any sign of waking up so I went ahead and started playing with his soft cock. It didn’t take him to long to get semi hard, and when I worked his undies off slowly he didn’t seem to notice. I began to jerk on his cock at this point and it got harder and harder in my talented hands. I love to feel a throbbing hard-on and this boy was getting one. I proceeded to jerk on that cock more while touching hi stomach and rubbing his body.

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