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Parker is a good looking dude that I met at the coffee shop. It seems his girlfriend threw him out, and he wasn’t sure what to do for the night. I told him I had plenty of room and if he trusted a stranger for a night of rest, he could crash in my guest room. It didn’t take Parker long to fall asleep and of course that is when I made my move. I stopped for a moment to check out his star tat and appreciate his sexy profile as he lay sleeping. As I began to touch his hairy body he rolled over, which gave me easy access to his toned body.

I loved his briefs and slipped his cock out of the side to get my first look and stroke on that cock. I took my time working his uncut cock with my hands, enjoying the foreskin as I toyed around with it. When his cock was halfway out he woke up and asked me what the fuck was going on. I gave him a stupid grin and told him I was playing with his cock did he mind. It took him a moment, but then he said nah, go ahead. I had to speed up, but I still was playing with a fine looking man and a nice cock. I began to jerk and stroke him faster now working that dick up and down and slapping his hairy stomach with it. He just leaned back and enjoyed how I made that dick feel.

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