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I love clubbing, you meet the most interesting people, and the more they drink the more likely it is to take them home with you. That is how I met this Mario Boy. I felt like Luigi as I grabbed him up and took him home. He soon passed out on the living room couch, and I began my fondling adventure. I wanted to go a big farther today, and I remembered from our chat at the club, that this boy loves to be kinky, the kinkier the better for him. I couldn’t wait to test that theory out. As soon as I had fondled his sweet package inside his undies I pulled it out and slowly took his white tight underwear off. I then grabbed my alligator clips, you know where this is headed don’t you, and clipped them just below his head.

I slowly turned it up and as his cock grew so did my own hard-on. I had done this before, and wasn’t sure if Mario would wake up from this shock treatment, or if I’d be stroking him while he continued to snooze. It only took a few moments of that electric stimulation before his cock began to ooze a small ball of pre-cum. I continued to stroke his balls lightly as his cock got harder and harder and continued to leak its sweet juice. He started to breathe hard as his cock continued to grow. I was sure he’d wake up at this time, but he didn’t. I heard him moan a bit and as the juice continued to push and throb its way into his hard cock it got thicker and began to throb as that pre-cum slowly leaked out. I took that pre-cum and slowly worked it into the head of Mario’s penis as it throbbed in my hand.

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