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I love a guy that wears silk boxers to bed. Keith is one of those guys. He has great legs with a fine layer of fur and they looked great against his silky red, white, and black shorts. I found him lying in my spare bedroom snoozing with those sexy shorts on and couldn’t keep my hands to myself. I went ahead and peeled the sheets down so that I could get to his silky shorts. He woke up about then and although he was half asleep he agreed to my using my hands to peel off his shorts and begin playing with his cock inside of his black boxers.

I played with him a bit and then got out my toys and tied him to the bed. He said he hadn’t been tied up before, and I responded that there was a first time for everything. He was a bit confused at first and I don’t think he liked the idea of not being able to move his hands about. I was happy to see his full bush of hair as I pulled down his shorts along with his full ball sack and cock. I quickly blindfolded him so he couldn’t see what I was doing. I began to stroke his body, and slide my hands all over his body before kissing him and jerking on his cock. He smiled as he grabbed his pillow. When I gave him raspberries he giggled a little, and I then smacked his ass making him jump a bit. He wasn’t sure what to expect especially since this was his first time being bound and blinded.

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