Boy Gusher – Jacob And Dakota

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I think that Jacob brought Dakota over with him, because he knows what I like to do when I find sleeping boys, but when these two called me on the phone and said they were too drunk to drive home of course I said yes. I didn’t want either boy to be driving around drunk at night. I quickly drove over to the club and picked them up and drove them home. I noticed however that Jacob didn’t seem all that drunk, but hey he was smart enough not to drive after drinking. When we got to the house, the boys chatted a bit with me thanking me and I showed them to their guest room and they promptly got naked and went to bed. I waited until they were both sound asleep and snuck in to see them in bed.

Of course, I couldn’t take my eyes off these sleeping angels and my hand had a mind of its own and snuck on in and began to rub those cocks. I started with Jacob; I had a sneaky feeling that is why he asked me to come get them. As soon as I pulled the covers back and began to stroke his cock in his underwear I knew he wasn’t asleep and he began to moan and even had his own hand inside paying with his cock while I did. Dakota was awake by this time and playing with his own package. He took turns playing with his cock and learning over to jerk and stroke on Jacob.

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