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I meet more guys using those online dating sites. It is amazing how many I get to come home and visit me. Today I chatted with Davin and had him meet me at my house for a night of video rentals. This guy is as laid back as they come until you play with his sexy body. He just showed up flopped on the couch and proceeded to take a nap while the video was playing. I took the advantage of course and began to play with his toned body. I rubbed his chest making my way down to his shorts. I undid his belt and began running my hands over his white undies. I’m not sure if he was really sleeping at this point. I had slid my hand inside his undies and had began fingering, touching and stroking his cock gently. I’m pretty sure he was awake when I slowly peeled his pants off, but he was playing possum and didn’t act like he was awake.

Once I had his shorts off I began to really work his cock over, and stroke it making it harder and harder. He was literally putty in my hands. After awhile he started to moan and his pretending to be asleep vanished as he began to enjoy my hand stroking and jerking on his dick. I can say that I loved the thickness of this dick and how smooth his skin was, I couldn’t stop touching and running my hands over his smooth body while I jerked on his dick. It didn’t take me long to make this boy cum. He started to moan and jerk and out poured his huge cumload. It drenched my hand and his pubs it was pretty damn amazing! I even used his cock to rub it into his skin. I am just doing my part to help keep his skin smooth and soft.

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