Bel Ami: Trevor Yates & Todd Rosset – Too Big To Fail

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BelAmiOnline has an exciting start to the month with XXL Trevor Yates kicking it off with a big bang! Watch as power bottom Todd Rosset fills in for a sick Roger Lambert and takes Trevor like a champ!

BelAmi says:

In the first scene from the upcoming movie, To Big To Fail, Todd Rosset fills in for a Roger Lambert who was ill. Todd, being the pro that he is, was glad to step in and take care of Trevor Yates and his monster cock. What happens when you put a power bottom and a horse hung top? Hot ass pounding sex! Watch as the action unfolds exclusively at!

If you feel like busting a nut, enjoy this clip of Trevor Yates and Todd Rosset:

*Video:bel ami: trevor yates & todd rosset

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3 Responses to "Bel Ami: Trevor Yates & Todd Rosset – Too Big To Fail"
  1. Xtian Xtian says:

    That dick scares me. 😐

  2. Kevan Kevan says:


  3. HunkyVince HunkyVince says:

    Trevor Knight and now this. I fucking hate Trevors!!!

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