All American Heroes: Senior Airman James

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James has been deployed twice to war zones, and even helped save a woman’s life that was injured in a mortar attack. He really enjoys the instant camaraderie of other men in uniform that he has experienced as an Air Force man. He describes his uniform and the differences between his and other branches of the military before settling in for a little “R and R”. As he starts to stroke his cock through the beige and green camo, the expression on his face is relaxed. He quickly unbuckles his belt and whips out a good sized tool that is surrounded with thick black pubic hair. As he eases his pants down to his ankles, his legs are covered from the ankle to knee in olive drab socks, while the upper half are covered in a layer of fine hair. He continues stroking while wearing his military blouse, with the words “U.S. Air Force” emblazoned on the left chest. Getting a little more comfortable, he strips down further and pulls his t-shirt up revealing fur covered rippled abs. He continues to remove more clothing – shirt, pants, socks, and boots – until he’s completely naked. Once he does, it’s easy to see the outlines of his pecs, even though covered in a sexy pattern of chest hair. His crotch is even hairier with a thick patch of hair surrounding a thick cock, and more hair trailing down his swollen taint toward his asshole. He closes his eyes and rests his head on the back of the chair as he begins to breathe heavier. Suddenly his bright pink cock gushes a huge dollop of sperm onto his chest, leaping in a large arc above his fur lined body. Several more spurts dribble from his pee hole before another giant load sprays over his chest and shoulder, with some landing on the green blanket near his ear.

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