Southern Strokes: Dustin

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Southern Strokes: Dustin


I’m not sure how 20 year old Dustin originally found out about Southern Strokes but he hounded the fuck out of us until we agreed to have him visit us at the lake house. I think someone, somewhere told him that he ought to be in porn so the next thing you know, he’s jacking off for out cameras.

Southern Strokes: Dustin

Dustin is 5’11” and weighs 185 pounds with beautiful blue eyes and reddish, dirty blonde buzzed hair. He has a couple of tatts and a big meaty chest with a tuft of hair running down the middle. Dustin shared some stories from high school that he still uses as inspiration to drain his noodle to this day.

Southern Strokes: Dustin

Dustin seemed pretty jacked to get naked in front of which was a little surprising cause this boy is as straight as they cum. Dustin has a little bit of hair on in stomach but the rest of him is nice and hairy in all the right places.

Southern Strokes: Dustin

Dustin lubed up his slightly curved cock and started to work it up an down as his left hand cupped his ball sak nice and tight. Dustin’s dick grew bigger than I expected as he brought himself to a solid eruption of creamy thick hot white cum all over his hairy stomach.

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  1. HunkyVince HunkyVince says:

    What is this ugly fuck doing here???

  2. Sam Sam says:

    I am seriously bored by solos.

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