Southern Strokes: Colt

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Southern Strokes: Colt

SOUTHERN STROKES says about Colt,

Colt is 21 years old, standing 5’7” tall and built like a Brick Shit House. As if his ripped muscular body wasn’t enuff, he is packing almost inches cut and thick. Colt just may be perfect.

Southern Strokes: Colt

Colt showed up Friday night about 9 pm and he was the last one of the models to arrive. Things were pretty hectic was all the models there and we typically party Friday night so that everyone can get to know each other a bit and it also lets us check out the chemistry with the guys. We were all together staging out next shoot when Colt walked by without a shirt on. He stopped us all dead in our tracks so we could watch him stroll by.

Southern Strokes: Colt

Colt is a little guy standing just a little over 5’7” tall but man he is built. He has one of those bodies that is just made for body building. He spent most of his youth doing competitive gymnastics so that certainly hasn’t hurt the shape of his body. Just wait until you see Colt in action. His body really is amazing and he has a huge cock to go along with it.

Southern Strokes: Colt

Colt was extremely uncomfortable and nervous but this 21 year old is confident and knows exactly what he wants out of life. He quickly put aside the fear and put on his game face and stood in the bathroom fully clothed so we could all watch him strip and take a shower. Colt is a cocky son of a bitch which makes him even hotter than he is. This was Colt’s first time doing anything with another guy around, let alone an audience.

Southern Strokes: Colt

Colt got naked and stepped into the water and slowly soaped up his body from head to toe. Take a look at his trunks as he washes his thighs and check out the crease in his abs. Colt soaped up his cock and we all stood in awe as we watched in grow bigger and bigger. Colt then stroked his hard 7 ½ cock slowly as his muscles bulged in his arms chest and abs. Cole then jerked out a nut of the thickest cum I can remember seeing.

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  1. JohnB. JohnB. says:

    another pretty boy. i want to come to the shower too hehe

  2. Eric Eric says:

    These guys from southern strokes better bring their A game because the Fratmen guys are hitting things out of the ballpark!

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