Southern Strokes: Aaron 2

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Southern Strokes: Aaron 2


Our college stud Aaron liked his first trip to the Lake House so much that he became a mainstay for a few months. He is a straight college athlete but he sure does love the attention his naked body gets, he especially seems to love it that he can turn guys on.

Southern Strokes: Aaron 2

Aaron has exactly the body you would expect from a 19 year old athlete. He has a beefy chest with dark gorgeous nipples, a six pack and below the waist, Aaron is covered in fur. Did I forget to mention his fat cut cock and his tight hairy hole?

Southern Strokes: Aaron 2

Aaron asked if he could come back to the Lake House and play with a pocket pussy so we of course opened up the door. He jumped on the chair took off all his clothes as his tongue licked his lips the stud with a boyish face pulled out his already rock hard cock.

Southern Strokes: Aaron 2

Aaron teased the himself and the cameras for a while before he gave the pocket pussy a good workover. His cock seemed to grow longer and fatter with each tug. Aaron spread open his hairy legs and took a deep breath and the he sent a stream of thick white cum all over his perfect smooth stomach.

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5 Responses to "Southern Strokes: Aaron 2"
  1. Eric Eric says:

    I don’t find him goodlooking at all!

  2. HunkyVince HunkyVince says:

    Man this is boring.

  3. I_am_cumslut I_am_cumslut says:

    i wanna lick that load clean!

  4. John B. John B. says:

    nice indian boy…

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