Ryan Kors

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Randy Blue brings us Ryan Kors:

Ryan Kors lay on the bed with the cameras rolling. He knows you will be examining every inch of his body and the idea itself is giving him a rock hard boner. He could not wait to make this video knowing that tons of horny guys would be getting off to it. He uses his hands to direct your attention on a guided tour of his most sensitive places. You can almost feel your own fingers gliding across his smooth torso, wanting so badly to pinch one of his erect nipples then stray down to cup his churning balls in your hand. And just take a look at that long slender dick of his. It must be totally wild getting fucked by that thing, going in easy but reaching deeper than you can even imagine with that mushroom head hitting all the right places. And then there is his ass. As hot as getting fucked by him would be, you would totally have to tap that ass and you know how good it would fee. It will be hot to see what this hottie does next.
Ryan Kors

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