Raphael & Skylar

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Randy Blue brings us Raphael & Skylar:

Skylar West is getting ready for his new massage client Raphael Cedano but he has no idea what he is in for until Raphael walks in the room and lets it all hang out. Rubbing his hands all over that smooth Latino skin has Skylar so hot and horny, so when Raphael pops out from under the towel there really is no question about what to do next. Luckily, neither one had any reservations letting this innocent massage go hardcore, especially Raphael with his dick getting sucked. Skylar climbed on top of this gorgeous hunk of man and got fucked while staring into his deep brown eyes. Then Raphael flipped him over to get a good angle to fuck him with. That massage table was built to last and these guys put it to the test. And when Skylar could hold off no more he shot a huge load all over his chest with Raphael still fucking away. And when all was said and done, no sooner did Raphael finish shooting his load all over his back, Skylar spun around to lick his dick clean of any remaining spunk.
Raphael Cedano

Skylar West

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