Max Steel

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Randy Blue brings us Max Steel:

Max Steel has a smile so innocent, that I thought he had walked into the wrong place when he came to do his scene. It wasn\'t until he got all nasty and naked that I realized what a dirty boy he his on the inside. Don\'t be fooled by that laid back demeanor and those big friendly eyes. Max is an MMA fighter and is currently undefeated. I did not believe him at first, but then he showed me a video of him knocking a dude out in the ring. I was impressed. I was also impressed at his par coring skills. He can do back flips, climb up buildings and jump over mail boxes. I am starting to wonder if there is anything that this adonis cannot do. And when he got naked and started talking dirty into my camera as he stroked his dick, I realized the answer was no. This man is perfect from head to toe. From his scruffy hair down to his bubble butt. His pale white skin is absolutely flawless. When it came time for him to nut, he came gallons all over our camera man. I asked him if he ever did anything with a man before. He said that he had not, but that we all only live once so why hold yourself back. I liked that answer. And so will you. Because we are going to be seeing more of Mr. Max Steel.
Max Steel

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