Man Avenue: Chasing A Dream

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ManAvenue Chasing A Dream

You pass a hot guy on the street and catch a whiff of his manly smell. You turn to follow him down deserted streets and strange stairwells.

Your dick is hard thinking about having sex with him…on your knees sucking his dick…or plunging your cock in his hairy ass.

ManAvenue Chasing A Dream

But you aren’t sure if you’re awake or dreaming.

Then he walks by your door butt ass naked with a boner. And he walks and walks and disappears in and out of large doors. You stand outside while he jerks off in front of you. Then he plunges a butt plug up his bubbled, hairy ass.

But wait. This is your dream, not his.

ManAvenue Chasing A Dream

Take control !!!

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