Kai Madison

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Randy Blue brings us Kai Madison:

When Jayden said he had the sexiest roommate and that we had to meet him he was not lying. Kai Madison walked into our office and everyone stopped what they were doing for just a moment to gawk, er, I mean take a look. He is absolutely gorgeous, devilishly handsome but with the sweetest smile. His smooth body shows off a musculature that shows off countless hours at the gym. He held off on jacking his large beautiful uncut cock for a few days of agonizing torture to give you an excellent show but it was not easy for him. From what he tells us he is used to pleasuring himself on a regular basis. And once you watch him tease the head of his cock, sliding the foreskin over his super sensitive head, you will know why jerking his meat is one of his favorite pastimes. But he is not all cock obsessed. He flips over to show you a full view of his sexy ass. Just a hint of fur which gets more dense the closer you get to his puckering hole. He teases it provocatively with his finger. Not quite ready to give it up just yet but you know there is way more to come. And speaking of come, once those balls start churning he cannot possibly wait any longer and finally shoots a nice hearty load all over his rock hard pecs and chiseled abs.
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