Jed Atkinson

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Randy Blue brings us Jed Atkinson:

When you first get a look at Jed, you would think he is just another southern boy next door. But then he takes off his shirt and reveals that he has a hard body of a greek statue. Every muscle and ab are chiseled to perfection, every patch of skin smooth and luscious. It is a hot day. Jed walks up the porch and takes a sip of water. Clumsy him, the water gets all over his shirt. He pulls it up over his head. He looks into my camera and asks if he can take a shower. I lead him to the bath room, and he begins to strip for me. He lets the hot water from the shower soak his body. He lathers up his muscled physique until it is all soapy and wet. All this touching turns him on. He starts stroking his dick until it is rock hard. Then he bends over and fingers his hole for us. It turns out he has your name tattooed on his ass. No, really. All this had me too worked up. I had Jed dry off and move to the couch. He beat his meat and started edging. He wanted to come so badly. Finally he let loose and shot a wad, barely missing the camera. He got dressed, grabbed his skateboard, and took off. This boy is too hot for words. I cannot wait to have him back and watch him in action.
Jed Atkinson

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