Jarrett & Josh

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Randy Blue brings us Jarrett & Josh:

Josh Conners and Jarrett Rex were all over each other from the second they met. Jarrett loves sex and when saw how much muscle Josh had packed on in the last few months he could not get over it. Josh always fell closer to our Twink side of the spectrum but he is definitely following in the footsteps of Brett Swanson in working towards becoming a gym loving muscular hunk. He showed up and slipped out of his clothes causing Jarrett to pop an immediate boner. He eagerly sucked his cock and then gave his hot ass a nice deep rimming. Then he started fucking that ass that Josh has been doing all those squats to perfect. Josh loves getting fucked and with Jarrett shoving his huge cock up his hungry hole he couldn\\\’t be happier. He even shot a huge load with that cock buried deep inside him. And as an extra special treat Jarrett even unloaded his jizz right into his mouth, doing his patented move of squeezing the head of his cock so his orgasm was all the more intensified. Meanwhile, Josh did not need any more intensity with Jarrett blowing his load in his mouth. He even sucked it clean when he was done.
Jarrett Rex

Josh Conners

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