Drew & Ian

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Randy Blue brings us Drew & Ian:

Ian Parker does massages back at home, so we thought we would take advantage and make him our official Dirty Masseur. Every massage session with Ian is like a fairy tale, because there is always a happy ending. The victim, um, I mean client for today is Drew Blaze. This newly outed stud has pulled a groin muscle and he is hoping that Ian can work it out. Ian gets Drew naked and takes a closer look at the problem area. As he moves the cock out of the way to get to the groin muscle, Drew grows hard as Ian clasps tighter. Ian shows Drew why his dick sucking lips are actually his best massage tool. He starts to furiously slobber all over that hot and hard cock. Ian strips down, hovers over Drew and shoves his dick down his throat. This leads to hot a rimming sixty nine position on top of the massage table. Finally Ian straddles Drew and rubs that hard cock against his hungry hole. Finally Drew pounds him every which way until he finally fucks the cum right out of Ian. Drew licks the cum off of Ian and they have a hot snowball session. This gets Drew so worked up, he then nuts right into Ian. For Ian, sucking down all that cum has given him a second wind, and he comes again. This time, Drew is drinking down the cum. There might have been no official massage here, but with three cum shots, I think Drew got the deal of a lifetime.
Ian Parker

Drew Blaze

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