Christian & Robert

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Randy Bluebrings us Christian & Robert:

Christian Sharp took one look at Robert Craig and knew he had to share his excitement with all of his fans. So he logged onto Randy Blue Live to show off what a hot piece of ass he gets to fuck. After teasing all of his chat members in his room, Christian logged off and to get some ginormous black dick in his mouth. Christian tried to swallow it down as far as he could, but there was no use, it was just too damn big. So Christian decided to flip Robert over and get a piece of his ass. After he got it all nice and sloppy wet, he slid a finger in it. Robert kept moaning and telling him how good it felt. But Robert didn\'t want a finger in there. He wanted a dick. And Christian gave it to him. Christian fucked the cum out of Robert and then shoved his own jiz back in his ass. He kept fucking him until he had to bust. Next time you see Christian in chat, be sure to tell him how fucking hot this scene was!
Christian Sharp

Robert Craig

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  1. Eric Eric says:

    Ugh I miss having my ass licked too

  2. HunkyVince HunkyVince says:


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