Chris & Joe

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Randy Blue brings us Chris & Joe:

It takes a lot to intimidate Chris Rockway. But after getting one look at Joe Clark and his amazing physique, Chris got all shy and nervous. He confided to me how amazing his body was and how he could not wait to get a chance to pounce on Joe and lick up and down each and every ab muscle. The two started to chat outside by a motorcycle in the parking lot. What started out as some silly poses ended up with the two of them making out hard core on top of a chopper. The two were about to blow each other right then and there. But we were outside, and did not want to scare the neighbors. So they took the action inside. And Chris Rockway finally was able to strip down and utterly ravage that killer body on Joe. After some furious dick sucking, Chris pushed Joe down and started to prepare his hole. Chris rimmed his ass and stuck his tongue in in nice and deep. Finally Joe could not take it anymore and demanded to be fucked. He did not know what he was getting himself into. Because fuck him Chris did. He gave Joe one of the toughest poundings we have seen in a long time. And after what seemed like an eternity of fucking and sweating and kissing and licking, Chris went over the edge and came all over Joe. Joe licked up the cum furiously from the cock head, and the taste of that sweet jiz sent Joe over the edge and he blew a load all over himself. The two then made out passionately letting the cum coat both of their tongues.
Chris Rockway

Joe Clark

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  1. JohnB. JohnB. says:

    Hmm… Beautiful… I want this too

  2. JohnB. JohnB. says:

    Hmm… I want this too…

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