Chris & Grant

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Randy Blue brings us Chris & Grant:

Grant has never bottomed before. But he loves taking on a challenge. He is always the life of the party, and when a new opportunity comes along he is going to jump at it. Chris has bottomed a lot lately. He complained to me that he never gets to top. So Grant suddenly chimed in and said that he would bottom. I asked him if he had ever done it before. Grant said no, but he thought Chris was hot, so why not give it a shot. I was not sure if it would even go in, since Chris is so thick. Chris asked for me to give them a couple of minutes. I walked in five minutes later, and there was Chris, deep inside of Grant. I started freaking out, grabbing my camera and making sure that I got every hot moment on film. Chris took it easy at first, but finally the initial pains of his ass being stretched out turned into pure pleasure. Chris started to fuck Grant hard. They sucked, rimmed, and fucked some more. Grant was hungry for cock and Chris was glad to oblige. Chris felt so good inside of Grant that he had to bust. Grant wanted it in his mouth. And as Grant ate down that load he busted too. Grant came and it hit Chris right on his ass. The wild frenzy was over. They collapsed into each other and started making out. I turned the camera off and realized that I was about to collapse too. Watching Grant get his cherry popped was fucking hot.
Chris Bines

Grant Fisher

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  1. DAMON DAMON says:

    Haven’t been rimmed by anyone with that much scruff. I wonder how awesome that would be like…

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