Austin & Kai

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Randy Blue brings us Austin & Kai:

We took Austin and Kai separately into the back yard and asked them what they though of each other. Austin Wolf is up first and talks about how excited he is to do the scene. He waxes poetic on all the kissing, rimming and fucking he plans on doing to Kai. Kai is nervous about the scene today. He had never been with someone taller than him. However, Kai is excited to take a cock up his ass for the first time on camera. Austin then sneaks up behind Kai and scares him. The tension is finally broken and the two immediately kiss. They take their passion inside and kiss as if they are slowly melding into one person. It is hot and passionate and wet and hard. Kai goes down on Austin first. He gets that dick deep down his throat, until Austin cannot take it anymore and returns the favor. Sucking turns into rimming and rimming quickly turns into fucking. There is nothing hotter than watching Austin slide his pole in and out of Kai. He is gentle and makes sure that Kai is okay to take it, and once Kai says yes, Austin loses all abandon and fucks Kai into oblivion. They end up fucking missionary and cumming buckets all over Kai.
Austin Wolf

Kai Madison

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    That bottom could use some working out. That top however…

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