Austin & Jayden

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Randy Bluebrings us Austin & Jayden:

When Jayden Tyler had Austin Wolf over for a romantic Valentines Day dinner things were going really well. He had candles, music, good food, every thing for the perfect evening. And then that word popped out. That elusive L word. Everything stopped for just a second. Jayden held his breath. That word has been known to bring everything crashing down on those who dare to speak it too soon. But before he had a chance to get too worried, Austin scooped him up in his very large arms and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. The feeling was obviously mutual and Austin wanted to prove it. Stripping down, Jayden took all of Austin into his mouth, lovingly working every inch of his meaty cock. But Austin loves cock himself and would not dream of letting Jayden have all the fun. Jayden loves rimming and gave Austin such a tongue massage his head was spinning. And that just made Austin want it all the more, so he turned around and went down on that perfect bubble butt that Jayden has. Then he fucked Jayden until he was moaning in ecstasy. These two lovebirds fucked like mad until Jayden finally covered Austin in a warm shower of jizz. But the real hotness happened when Austin shot his load and Jayden slurped it up like a ravenous animal. Definitely a Valentines Day to remember.
Jayden Tyler

Austin Wolf

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