Armond Rizzo

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Randy Blue brings us Armond Rizzo:

Stepping out of the pool Armand Rizzo dries himself off, droplets of water lazily dripping down his smooth skin. This Latino hottie shakes the moisture from his thick black hair. His incredibly handsome face, tight, chiseled abs and well defined pecs glisten in the sun. His muscular arms flex as he navigates the towel around his beautiful frame. The warm air feels so good against his body that he needs to bask in the heat for a while. His mind reeling with unspoken fantasy, or memories of a recent sexual encounter, his delicious uncut cock gets rock hard and cries out for attention. He sensually strokes along the shaft, feeling every inch with his one hand, letting the other roam across his smooth chest. He picks up the pace a bit and really gets into it. Then he flips over and starts playing with his sexy ass. That hole looks so ffaceablethat you cannot even look at it without thinking of how hot it would be to see a nice big cock go deep inside. Then he gets back to business working on his cock again, letting the foreskin slide over the sensitive head and back again, getting him hotter and hotter until he cannot wait a second longer, shooting his load all over his hands.
Armond Rizzo

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