Addison Graham

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Randy Blue brings us Addison Graham:

Addison Graham stands beside the warm reflecting water with his perfectly chiseled muscles, looking like a poolside sculpture meant to bring beauty and ambience to the surroundings. He looks at you with his handsome face and leads your eyes down his smooth torso, running his fingers down the intricate grooves of his hard pecs and six pack abs. He lets his hands rustle in his well manicured yet not overly buzzed pubes for just a moment before grabbing his long slender delicious cock and lovingly stroking it. It has a big mushroom head and a long narrow shaft and you can see the look of sheer ecstasy on his face as he runs his hands up and down it. He then gives you an excellent view of his butt, teasing his hole with his finger and working it inside, dreaming of a big fat cock filling it. But that comes later. For now he is showing you his exquisite body. And when he shoots his load it really is something to see. He focuses all his energy on the mushroom shaped head of his cock and rather than letting loose with a loud flurry of spunk he rather lets a steady stream of jizz flow from the head and elegantly spill into a puddle on his flat tummy.
Addison Graham

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